Utica Common Council President: Mayor, Fill us in!


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Common Council President Bill Morehouse is once again calling on Utica Mayor David Roefaro to fill him and the rest of the Common Council in on what the mayor's "Special Investigation" is all about.

Morehouse appeared on NEWSChannel 2 on Saturday morning. As Common Council President, Morehouse is second in line to the mayor, and says he should be made aware of what attorney J.K. Hage has been hired at $150.00 per hour to do.

Morehouse has called for a special Common Council meeting on Monday. He reiterated Saturday morning that he is hoping Mayor Roefaro will attend and inform all council members why an attorney was hired at $150.00 an hour to investigate a city matter. The mayor has said releasing any information would jeopardize the investigation.

Morehouse says councilors should be informed. He said, "the council should at least know what is going on here. I'm not going to leak the information and I know the other council members won't either, so you have to take that in good faith. We were elected by the people to represent the people. We can't be spending money on something we don't know about."

City of Utica spokesperson Angelo Roefaro says that Mayor Roefaro will not be attending Monday night's special meeting, stating that "the attorney hired by the city, J.K. Hage advised him not to attend, in hopes of not compromising the investigation. The mayor has no choice but to follow the advice of the attorney."

The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Monday night in Council Chambers.

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