Gumbarevic: "I am still running for Oneida County Sheriff"

By WKTV News

NEW YORK MILLS, N.Y. (WKTV) - An Oneida County corrections officer is staying in the race for sheriff.

Angela Gumbarevic held her first news conference Monday morning at the municipal building in New York Mills.

During it, she said that despite challenges from other candidates concerning her petitions which she adds primarily make up women and minorities, she will not let this slow her down, "I had certain political leaders laugh at me, mock me, patronize me and say 'well honey it's cute you want to run for sheriff but you have no idea what you're getting involved in' and all this nonsense and I'd just had enough.

New York Mills Mayor Robert Maciol has already received the Oneida County Democratic Committee endorsement.

Rome Police Commissioner James Masucci is also seeking the Republican nomination against Assemblyman Dave Townsend.

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