No complaints to Village of Yorkville's budget


YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Village of Yorkville held a public hearing on their 2013-14 budget Tuesday night with little complaints from the public. The budget calls for no cuts to services and keeps taxes within the 2 percent property tax cap.

The village's 2013-14 budget stands at $1,888,812. In addition to calling for no cuts to services, it also keeps taxes low. If adopted, residents in the Village of Yorkville will only see a 1 % increase in property taxes.

"We thought 1 % would be very fair, that people would understand that everything does go up, personnel, insurance, everything does go up, gasoline budget has increase, cost of gasoline but it should work out well for us we hope," said Yorkville Village Mayor Anthony Leone, Jr.

In the public hearing some questions were asked, but residents who spoke had no complaints.

"I mean with everything going around New York everybody's hurting and thank God the Village of Yorkville is doing very well, they're taking care of us very well," said James Mackey.

Mayor Leone says one member of the Village Highway Department has left and the village hasn't replaced him yet. The mayor says so far they're doing fine leaving that position vacant and saving on salary and benefits, what contributed to their comfortable budget.

The village will vote on their budget at a later date. Mayor Leone said the state has asked them to put off that vote until the state comptrollers report on the budget is in, they expect that to be done by the end of the week.

The budget has to be in place by May 1st.

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