Protestors march against Congressman's support of CISPA

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - May Day was only part of the reason around a dozen or so protesters marched, carrying signs outside Congressman Richard Hanna's downtown Utica office on Tuesday.

They were also protesting the Congressman's voting record on cyber-security, specifically, his support of the Cyber-intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or, 'CISPA.'

"What CISPA does, specifically, is, it's collusion between private companies and the government to share information about members between companies like Google, and Apple, Facebook," said Derek Scarlino of Occupy Utica.

Congressman Hanna is currently in Washington, but a spokesperson released the following response to the protesters.

"Congressman Hanna believes there is no doubt that our nation's cyber infrastructure faces real and serious threats from foreign attacks and criminals. That's why he fully supports the work that takes place at Rome Lab; that's why he supported CISPA, because it balances preventing cyber threats without unduly jeopardizing our citizens' privacy."

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