Rep. Peter King: upstate drone testing benefits entire nation

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) --  Congressman Peter King talked drones Tuesday as he toured Griffiss International Airport alongside Congressman Richard Hanna.

A member of the Homeland Security Committee, King says terrorism is a constant, real threat to the United States and the development of drones is crucial in protecting the country.

King also talked about the important role drones play for agriculture, aiding law enforcement and tracking people with dementia. Plus, he says not only does the nation benefit from drones, it also benefits from the upstate location.

"It's important vitally to have a facility such as this in New York, certainly it's important for upstate as far as jobs, but also quite frankly the expertise is here. So from a national perspective, it's in the country's advantage to have it here because of the unique assets and abilities that are up here," said the congressman.

Drone testing is expected to start at Griffiss this summer.

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