Retired Congressman Boehlert endorses Richard Hanna

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. - Retired Congressman Sherwood Boehlert has endorsed Richard Hanna in his re-election campaign for the newly-drawn 22nd Congressional District.

Boehlert is a Mohawk Valley native who served upstate New York for 24 years in the House of Representatives and was Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee. Boehlert was best known for being a moderate Republican who focused on environmental policy and because of his centrist views was named one of the "50 most effective members of Congress."

"I know, respect and admire Richard Hanna," Boehlert said. "He is one of the few in Washington who don't view those in "the other party" as the enemy, but rather as potential allies," Boehlert wrote in part in a personal endorsement letter to be published in newspapers in the 22nd Congressional District. "Richard Hanna works to find the best ideas, no matter their source," Boehlert wrote. "In a short time, he has proven his leadership by having 3 bills signed into law by President Obama. That required bipartisan support from the Republican House and Democrat Senate and he got it."

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