Richard Hanna in Washington D.C. for freshman orientation


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKTV) - Congressman-Elect Richard Hanna joined his fellow freshmen lawmakers in Washington D.C. this week. It's part of Freshman Orientation on Capital Hill and the Class of 2010 is getting a crash course on how to navigate in Congress for their two year terms.

Hanna is part of a group of nearly 100 newly elected House members. There are 85 Republicans and just nine Democrats. Hanna says the new class brings a lot of opportunity. "There's certainly opportunity here. There are 80 some-odd new Republican members . It gives them an opportunity to do some of the things they want to do and to speak out and do it in a way they hadn't been able to and do it effectively. I just hope that they do. We're on a reprieve by the American Public and I hope they can make the most of it."

Hanna says a lot can be accomplished through compromise. "Clearly gridlock does not work. We’ve watched our Congress two party system at war with ourselves and most people I know feel like they're left out. The results are left out. People want solutions and they're tired of watching Congress in gridlock I think you look for the best ideas where you can find them and you move forward with them"

Hanna goes on to say that being in Washington gives him a sense of responsibility. "There are 600,000 people back in the 24th District of New York who are depending on me to represent them well and to be thoughtful and more than anything it's a sense of responsibility that I feel."

Hanna will remain in Washington for the orientation through Friday.

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