Running unopposed, Brindisi looks forward to returning to Albany

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is running unopposed in the election for the 116thth Assembly District, but will soon be representing the newly-formed 119th district.

Brindisi voted on Tuesday at the Utica Armory with his family.

"Today's an exciting day," he said. "It's election day. We're at the polls, we all came out to vote, it's part of the democratic process. And we love voting."

With the City of Utica welcoming the two-day exhibition of a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation, Brindisi said it is a significant week to be hosting such a historic document.

"Today we're celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation is in town, celebrating the history that at one point in time in our history, people didn't have the right to vote and today everyone has the right and everyone should exercise that vote."

He said that moving forward, education funding is going to be a top priority and that New York State is headed in the right direction, but still needs more work done.

"Also, going forward, we have to recognize that many of our upstate cities are struggling right now and they need assistance," he said. "Not a bailout, but they need help with the state to move forward and help pull out of this economy."

Brindisi said that he feels New York State is on the right track and looks forward to going back to Albany where he said he feels he's been able to work well with not just the Assembly, but the Senate and Governor as well.

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