Uncertain outcome in Forestport after Election Day


FORESTPORT, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Election Day is over but in Forestport, there isn't a calm after the storm. The two candidates for town supervisor have been at odds for years making this a tense race to begin with. Now that one of the candidates is leading by a mere five votes, the contest is still going strong.

With 280 votes, Parker Snead has a very narrow, unofficial victory against the incumbent town supervisor, Bill Hasenauer. The addition of absentee ballots and affadavits may tip the scale and Snead said there are signs all along his road that show the confidence of the other side. He said 'No Parking' signs popped up Wednesday morning where his boat shop customers have been parking for 30 years.

"I say that since they were driven in the ground the day after the election, I'd say that it's a sign of confidence on their part that the absentee ballots that they'll get enough to take over my five vote lead," said Snead.

"I didn't even know they were going in, so I would have nothing to say about that. That's up to the highway superintendent. He controls the highway. He's elected and all we do is finance him," said Hasenauer.

This isn't the first time the candidates have bumped heads. Their quarreling started years ago with a debate over the historic twin bridges in Forestport. Shut down by the Department of Transportation for four years, Snead wanted them replaced, but Hasenauer opposed that plan. The bridge was replaced earlier this year, but for Snead, that wasn't enough. He wants to unseat Hasenauer, but isn't sure he'll maintain the lead.

"I think the demographics being what they are, I think that they're some of our older taxpayers headed to Florida and I think the likelihood is that Bill Hasenauer, our supervisor, will get the majority of them and with a five point lead I think that he will probably overtake me," said Snead.

Hasenauer was town supervisor from 2000 to 2004 and now again since 2008. He's confident he'll get a shot at a third stint.

"I know there's several absentee ballots out. I don't know how many he has out. I know how many I have out and the count's going to be close. I know that it could go either way, but I'm confident," said Hausenauer.

The official results should be in a week or two after Nov. 13 when they start counting the absentee ballots. Snead said if he loses, he likely won't ask for a recount. Hasenauer on the other hand said if the official results are just as narrow he likely will ask for one.

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