Utica comptroller candidates feeling confident, excited

By Joleen Ferris

(WKTV) - The race for Utica City Comptroller finds two Democrats, currently serving together in city government, squaring off against each other. 

Candidate Bill Morehouse, current Common Council president, has the endorsement of Utica's mayor, police, fire and labor unions. Candidate Jim Zecca is the party candidate, after winning the September primary.

Which scenario, coupled with the candidate's experience, will carry more weight with voters remains to be seen. Both candidates on election day were feeling optimistic and settled.

"I've never felt more confident. This is my fifth election cycle," said Morehouse "I've had no negative out there. I really believe the right thing is going to happen for the people in the city of Utica and the right thing is Bill Morehouse being the comptroller."

"You always work right to the very end and never take anything for granted and the voters will make that decision," Zecca said. "No matter what happens, I've won races and I've lost races and the people will make that final decision and I respect that." 

The candidates say the prevailing emotions today are excitement and relief.

"It's an exciting day. There's no reason for people not to come out to the polls," Morehouse said. "It's a beautiful day and once again, I always say, don't complain if you don't vote."

"I'm very excited and it seems like every election it's the same feeling," Zecca said. "And there's always a little anxiety, I have to be honest, but, we're ready."


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