Young voters propelling Ron Paul's campaign

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Young voters in the Republican presidential race are flocking to a 76-year-old great-grandfather who gives eye-glazing speeches on monetary policy and disappears from the campaign trail for days at a time to rest.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul's libertarian message of less government and
personal liberty is clicking with young people. And it's young people who are supplying oomph for Paul's stronger-than-expected presidential campaign. Nearly half of all voters under 30 went for Paul in New Hampshire and Iowa, the first two states to vote.

Paul's campaign events are charged with an energy that any politician would love, attracting youthful activists ranging from preppy college students to blue collar workers and artists. Their lopsided support has made Paul a force to be reckoned with in the 2012 campaign.

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