Zecca to run for Common Council President, current President Morehouse may run for mayor


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Democratic Utica Common Councilor Jim Zecca announced Saturday that he will run for common council president, as opposed to running for mayor as he once publicly considered.

Zecca says he believes the position of common council president can be a one in which he can make some positive changes in the way city government operates. He says he has learned a lot in his three terms serving the residents of Utica's 2nd Ward and wants to take that knowledge and move the city forward, especially when it comes to the way city council itself is run.

Zecca admits he gave serious consideration to running for the mayor's seat. Zecca said, "But I do have a very solid career as solid waste director, I do like that job. I work with wonderful people and it's a rewarding position and I would have to give that up and I'm not ready to that at this point."

The current president of the Utica Common Council is Bill Morehouse. Saturday, he reacted to Zecca's announcement. Morehouse said, "I welcome Jim's running. That's the process. The people will decide whom they want as the president of Utica's Common Council. I have not decided whether I will run to retain my current seat as common council president, or whether I will make a run to become the next the Mayor of Utica. Either way, I will make an announcement in the next couple of weeks."

Current Mayor David Roefaro announced earlier this week he will run again for mayor.

As far as Zecca's current 2nd Ward common council seat, no word yet on who mighty be interested in running.

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