Zogby: Paladino will make a much more interesting race than Lazio


NEW YORK STATE (WKTV) - A day after the primary night vote, many New York State Republicans were still in shock of Carl Paladino's landslide victory over Rick Lazio in the Republican Primary for Governor.

Paladino won just about every upstate county, including Oneida County, despite the fact the County Republican Party endorsed Lazio. Oneida County Republican Committee Chairman Mary Ann Casadei, says she is confident that support will now shift.

"I think that you will see that (support) even in Rome, New York," Casadei said. "I think you're going to see that in Oneida County."

International pollster John Zogby says that needs to happen if Paladino has any kind of chance against Democrat Andrew Cuomo in November's General Election.

Zogby says there will be a stark contrast between the two candidates - Cuomo, who is seen as groomed for the position, against an unconventional candidate such as Paladino.

Zogby compares Paladino's appeal to someone most in the Utica area know.

"Here is the Ed Hanna-like character coming in and saying 'Down with whoever is up, I don't owe anybody anything. I have a hammer and meat cleaver in my hand and let me go to work,'" Zogby said.

Zogby says Paladino's attitude is not the "prototypical attitude" of most New York State Republicans, but it's an attitude that is now at the top of the Republican ticket.

"We have got 50-some more days to go here," Zogby said. "Lets watch this. It's going to be a hell of a lot more of a ride than it would have been between Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio. I think you can make the argument Carl Paladino will get more votes than Rick Lazio would have."

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