Destito and Johnson cast their votes and hit campaign trail for 116th Assembly


DECISION 2010 (WKTV) - Democrat Incumbent Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito is seeking her tenth term in office.

Destito cast her vote at Fort Stanwix Elementary School in Rome on Tuesday.

She says that even in a year when there is an anti-incumbent environment, where there is discontent with the party in power, she thinks it comes down to the individual in office, and that person's track record.

"I think if you do your work, I don't think it matters whether you're an incumbent or not an incumbent," Destito said. "And even in a time when I think there is an incumbency negativity, I think if you do your job, people recognize it and they'll respond positively."

Destito's opponent in the 116th Assembly race is Republican Greg Johnson.

Johnson voted in Marcy early Tuesday morning and then went from polling station to polling station thanking voters. He also brought tomato pies to the poll workers as a thank you for all they are doing Tuesday.

Johnson says the poll workers tell him voter turnout was high, and voters are motivated to make a difference.

"I don't think the tea party is a party, I think it's a philosophy," Johnson said. "I think it's - the silent majority is sick of government - and I think tonight we will see the effects of that."

If elected, Johnson says he will overhaul government and put an end to out of control spending.

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