Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino visits Tea Party Rally in Oneonta

ONEONTA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Tea Party members call themselves American patriots and on Saturday afternoon, Otsego County held a rally for the self-proclaimed grass-roots movement. The event's guest speaker was Republican candidate for New York State governor, Carl Paladino.

Paladino was introduced to the crowd as the "next governor of the great State of New York." This past Tuesday, the Buffalo real estate developer upset Rick Lazio in the Republican primary for governor. Lazio, in fact, was the Republican-backed nominee for the bid.

Paladino has also made appearances on every major television network since his victory and might be considered the symbol of the Tea Part movement. Paladino said, "We feel that this election coming up in November is probably one of the most crucial elections, maybe in our lifetime."

He focuses on his ordinary guy status, and distances himself from the title of politician. Paladino added, "and I have a dog named Duke who has been in the New York Times twice already, his head is so big I can't get him out of the car anymore."

Paladino says that he would cut taxes for New York residents by 10% within his first six months in office. Paladino questions that New York State has "98,341 employees and they couldn't find one to lay off."

He claims, "I'll evaluate every department in state government, its efficiency, its effectiveness and its necessity and we'll cut the fat."

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