On Tuesday, you'll get manila folders and larger ballots


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - When you cast your vote on Tuesday, you won't be using the old lever-voting machines.

All voters in New York State will use the new optical scanning machines.

The new machines were used throughout the state during September's primary, but there were reports of problems.

The state comptroller audited the primary voting process from around the state. The problems ranged from polling locations failing to provide privacy, to voters reporting having difficulty reading the ballot because the writing on it was too small.

Oneida County Board of Elections Democratic Commissioner Kathleen Perez says both of those problems have been taken care of. Perez says, as far as privacy goes, you will be given a manila folder along with your ballot.

The reason?

When you go to scan your ballot and you need help inserting the sheet into the scanning machine, the manila folder can cover the ballot, so the poll worker helping you won't be able to see your choices.

Regarding the issue of some voters reporting not being able to read their ballot, Perez says there's not much that can be done regarding the size of the font, because there are so many races, and so many candidates.

However, Perez says the ballot being used during Tuesday's general election is two inches longer than the ballot used in September's primary, but she says the writing may still be too small for some to see very well.

Perez says that here in Oneida County, during September's primary, voters were given magnifiers if they needed one. Now, she says, all polling places across the state will be doing the same thing.

So come Tuesday, you will get a manila folder and a slightly larger ballot than you had in September, and if you need a magnifier, just ask.

If you're having problems at your polling location, the State Comptroller's Office asks that you call 1-888-672-4555.

Officials say they want to know about privacy issues or technical difficulties at the polls.

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