State incumbents Destito and Griffo keep seats


(WKTV) - Two state-level legislators will keep their seats in Albany come January.

Democrat RoAnn Destito won her race against challenger Greg Johnson in the 116th State Assembly. She will return to Albany, despite the anti-incumbent and anti-Democrat sediments affecting the rest of the country.

Destito said, "I fought against it but talking about my record and always doing my homework on behalf of my constituents, that was one thing I heard from a couple of people saying really you have nothing to worry about you've done your homework all year."

Challenger Greg Johnson still felt his team had a victory in spirit. He said, "That kind of education, you can't learn it out of a book, and so we have been able to, with my volunteers that you have seen here tonight, we've had a tremendous educational experience. Win, lose or draw, we didn't lose."

Republican Joseph Griffo will also keep his seat in the 47th State Senate district against challenger Michael Hennessy.

Both victories are NEWSChannel 2 projections and numbers will not be official from the Oneida County Board of Elections until the absentee ballots are counted.

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