Voters concerned about not being counted as problems arise at the polls

DECISION 2010 (WKTV) - The polls are open as voters attempt to do their civic duty and vouch for the candidates they want the most - but some voters are already facing difficulties at the polls.

At the Historic Park Apartments on Rutger Street in Utica, voters said they were unable to locate the head person who had the voting materials that were needed for Tuesday's election, and the station was forced to work off of emergency ballots only.

At the Town of Marcy Municipal Building, voters said there was only one machine on the premises, which was not working as of 7:15 a.m., just an hour after the polls opened.

Voters at the Marcy Municipal Building said they were told to fill out their ballots and put them in a box and they'll be scanned later. The voter who called NEWSChannel 2 about the problem in Marcy said he was concerned his vote wasn't going to count, because he wasn't able to be present during the scanning process.

A similar problem was reported at the Armory in East Utica, where voters said a machine wasn't working and they were asked to leave their filled-out ballots behind for scanning later on.

One man, 76 years old, who votes at the Yorkville Fire Station said that voters were placed into a darkened booth to fill out their ballot, and that the space made it too hard for him to see the names. He also said the font on the ballot was too small, and that when asked for a magnifying glass, he was given a type of cellophane used for magnification, that did not help.

Janice Masi of Utica said she voted at Kernan Elementary School around 7:20 a.m. And was not given a sleeve for her ballot sheet, meant to provide privacy so that poll workers can't see who you're voting for.

"I may as well have held it up for all to see," she said. "Way to go, government - we used to have secret voting but now it's all out there!"

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