Cardillo: "If elected, I would move MHA into City Hall"


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica mayoral candidate Bob Cardillo held a news conference Monday morning to discuss what he calls "missed dollars and missed opportunities."

Cardillo spoke in front of the Municipal Housing Authority offices on Elizabeth Street.

He says if he is elected Mayor, he would move the Municipal Housing Authority into City Hall, so that it will be easier for the city's Economic Development team and MHA to work to together.

Cardillo says all agencies should work together when it comes to writing grants, that way the city will have a better chance at securing state and federal funding.

"Right now everybody is doing their own," Cardillo said, adding that he believes the city has missed out on dollars and opportunities in the past.

Cardillo is running against current City Comptroller and Republican Candidate Michael Cerminaro, Democrat and former City Codes Commissioner Robert Palmieri and Rainbow Party Candidate Ernie Sanita.

Cardillo is running on the Conservative and Independence lines.

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