Residents hit the polls, looking to make their voices heard


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Even though it is not a presidential, congressional, or state-wide election year, it has been quite a busy Tuesday afternoon at the polling location of General Herkimer School in North Utica.

Some people casting their votes were first-time voters while others come out to vote year after year. However, one thing that many voters have in common is that they said they are looking for a change in the Mohawk Valley.

Charles Casullo has lived in Utica for 25 years and said he has watched parts of the area deteriorate before his eyes.

"The area is dead now, but it's reviving," says Casullo. "It's just not like it used to be."

Casullo may be retired, but he still has some serious concerns about sustaining the community for the future generations.

"For the younger people, there is nothing here," says Casullo. "There are no jobs. There is nothing here."

Casullo says he came to vote on Tuesday to make sure he has a say in choosing the leaders who have the power to transform the community.

Daniel Burdick, of Utica, was also at the polls on Tuesday. He tells us he is voting for candidates who have addressed issues that affect him personally.

"Taxes are very important, conditions of roads in the area, infrastructure is terrible," says Burdick. "It is also important that the common council sticks together and gets things done."

If you want to make sure your voice is heard, be sure to go out and cast your vote. The polls will be open Tuesday night until 9 p.m.

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