22nd Congressional candidates make final push


DECISION 2012 (WKTV) - The polls have been open for more than 12 hours, and as voters cast their final ballots, they choose who they want to lead them in the Senate, the House of Representatives and even the White House.

Traffic at the polls has been pretty heavy, a standard sight for a presidential election year.

At the Sons of Italy in East Utica, thousands had voted before 5 p.m. On Tuesday as the candidates in the new 22nd Congressional District - Current Republican Congressman Richard Hanna and Democrat Challenger Dan Lamb continued on the campaign trail.

They may have been from different political parties and have different ideologies, but they both agreed that they are glad election day has finally arrived and are looking ahead to the future.

"We can't send the same people back and expect new, different results," Lamb said. "So we tried to put out a message that we can change things, we can make things better, but I've got to have people engaged in the process with me."

"I think, for this district and for these times and the economy the way it is, I have the background that supports my candidacy and I think the last two years, I have spent being who I said I was when I go there."

Both also said they were eager to work with whomever is elected president, promising to put party politics aside and work together for the advancement of all Americans, regardless of political party or affiliation.

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