84th annual Political Breakfast held at Temple Beth El


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - About 100 Utica area voters turned out to listen to some of the candidates they will be deciding whether to vote for come Tuesday. It was part of the 84th Annual Temple Beth El Political Breakfast.

Temple Beth El Men's Club Chairman Ernie Berkowitz helps put the event together. He said, "The guys get together, we cook eggs, and we cook potatoes and we cut bagels and we have a good time."

Berkowitz listened closely though, like everyone else did, to the candidates in two big races: the newly formed 101st Assembly District race and the newly formed 22nd Congressional District.

In the newly formed 101st Assembly District, current 115th Assembly District Representative Claudia Tenney faces challenger Democrat Daniel Carter.

In the newly formed 22nd Congressional District race, current 24th Congressional District Representative Richard Hanna faces challenger Democrat Dan Lamb of Dryden in Tompkins County.

Barbara Klein of New Hartford says she appreciates the opportunity to hear first-hand from the candidates. Klein said, "I think it's important that people meet the candidates in person. I think it makes a difference in how they feel and how they're going to vote."

All sorts of issues were touched on on Sunday, from hydrofracking to the size of government, and now all 100 or so people will take more than just what they have seen on television, or what they have read in the newspapers, into the voting booth with them come Tuesday.

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