Morehouse continues to rack up endorsements

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Last week, Utica's mayor endorsed Bill Morehouse for Utica City Comptroller. On Tuesday, Utica's police and fire unions threw their weight behind Morehouse, as did the 26 affiliates within the local AFL-CIO.

"Mr. Morehouse has a history of working well with others, and that's why we endorsed him for the comptroller's office," John Dellerba, Utica PBA president said. "Mr. Morehouse is a successful businessman and he also is president of the common council."

Morehouse's opponent in the comptroller's race, Jim Zecca, has the Democratic party endorsement. Zecca congratulated Morehouse on his union nods today, saying the only endorsement he really seeks is that of the voters on Election Day.

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