Rotary Club's annual pancake breakfast incentive to go vote

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - For more than 55 years, one local organization has been doing their part to get people out to vote.

The Cooperstown Rotary Club has a pancake breakfast every Election Day in an effort to not only get people out to vote, but to raise money for the community. The group  has had the annual meal since 1957.

"Election Day is a day for the community to come together," Rotarian Tim Wiles said. "It doesn't matter to the Rotary Club which side you're voting for, we just want you to vote.

"We can help you have an incentive to vote. How about pancakes with real maple syrup?"

The money raised goes back into the community to area food pantries, for scholarships and other Rotary efforts.


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