Zecca wins Democratic Party Primary for Utica Comptroller


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - At Large Councilor James Zecca will be on the Democratic line running for city comptroller this November. Zecca defeated Common Council President William Morehouse during Tuesday's Primary.



Here are the results:

Zecca:  459 54.38%
Morehouse: 384 45.50%

Both candidates agree the real race begins on Wednesday. "Full steam ahead because as you know it's not over yet," said Zecca. "We still have the General Election and again we're looking for everyone's support. We're looking for everyone's support in the City of Utica."

"Regardless of what happens to me, I was endorsed by the Independence Party," said Morehouse. "I'll move forward gung ho because I'm excited to be the next comptroller of the City of Utica. I'm in a position in my life where I can do the job and I'm excited to do so. I look forward to it."

Voter turnout was extremely low which is typical on Primary Day. There are roughly 14,000 registered Democrats in Utica and only 843 turned out to vote. Both candidates hope more people turn out in November.

"Stay involved," said Zecca. "Be part of your government. We really need you to continue to get out there and vote. We want to improve those numbers and educate the people on how to vote at their polling places and again if they can't get to their polling places we'll do everything that we can. Right now I feel a lot of voters are disenfranchised with the system and it's our job as elected officials to turn that around."

"I think my opponent would agree. Neither of us have really had a chance to lay out our platforms," said Morehouse. "Hopefully the next two months my opponent and I  will be able to really lay out our platform 'what we can do as comptroller of the city of utica' and not just a handful of the people will decide, all of the people."

Morehouse also mentioned the political ads that Zecca has broadcast on television. "I think he's run a very disingenuous campaign," said Morehouse. "He took things I said over a year period and edited them into one sentence. How can you be more disingenuous than that? If you hear my campaign I don't even mention my opponent."

This November Zecca will be running on both the Democratic Line and the Utica United Line. Morehouse was also endorsed by the Independence Party and will be running on the Independence line.

For all of Tuesday's Primary Election results from around the Mohawk Valley, click on the link below:

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