Dolgeville officials say letters about 'water line coverage' not from village


DOLGEVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Village of Dolgeville is warning residents about letters being sent out regarding their water line coverage and want those residents to know the letters are not coming from the village.

Dolgeville officials say the village hall has been inundated with calls from residents receiving the letter, asking them to buy water line coverage. While the village says it is not a scam, they want to make it clear that the letter has nothing to do with them.

"This company has sent letters to village residents and residents in the surrounding area to sell them insurance so if their water line happens to break, it will be covered by insurance," said Mayor Bruce Lyon. "But we, the village, did not sponsor it."

The letter is from a company called HomeServe and asks residents to choose a payment method and frequency - a $6 monthly payment, $16 quarterly, or $64 annually for up to $6,000 of annual coverage for repairs. It is protection the mayor feels is not needed.

"The point is, if the water lines in the Village of Dolgeville break, we have DPW crews and our water treatment plant, they get together, they come in, they fix it and then the homeowner pays for it," Mayor Lyon said. "But according to this letter here, typically a $2,000 repair. Maybe in the big city it is for a repair, but in a village like Dolgeville and the surrounding area, they aren't using that much money to repair a water line."

Mayor Lyon says its residents' own choice whether they want to buy the coverage or not, but the village is not recommending it.

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