Herkimer County District Attorney candidates take to the polls


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Residents steadily came in to vote at the Herkimer VFW Tuesday for Election Day including the two candidates running for Herkimer County District Attorney. The current Acting DA Jeff Carpenter cast his vote at 4 pm, his opponent, Mary Iocovozzi voted earlier in the afternoon, both feeling confident, but agreeing you never know until all the votes come in.

"I'm confident, I'm not overly confident, I'm still out there calling friends and trying to get the vote out that's the most important thing get people to the polls and we'll see after nine o'clock tonight where it takes us," said Carpenter.

"We've got quite a number of absentee ballots in our county and it's an election year for the president also so hoping more people come out to vote," said Iocovozzi.

Mary Iocovozzi ran for family court judge back in 2010, she hopes people knowing her name from this, will help her win the election and bring some of her new ideas for the office to fruition.

"I campaigned very hard for that seat and I have some different ideas to implement if i'm elected," said Iocovozzi. "For example using the fruits of drug fines so we can take those funds and property seized and use them for the District Attorney's Office for equipment and also for law enforcement."

While this is the first campaign for Carpenter, he feels his experience as Assistant District Attorney and then Acting DA for the past 10 months will keep him in the role.

"I hope the voters are focusing on my experience and my qualification," said Carpenter. The fact that I have conducted jury trials to verdict, I've never had an outright acquittal in a felony jury trial I'm very proud of that, and I think that experience does matter to the voters."

If Iocovozzi wins the election, it will be the first time Herkimer County will have elected a woman as District Attorney.

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