Herkimer County Legislator Helen Rose asks for a public apology from fellow legislator


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - There were some tense moments Wednesday night in the Herkimer County Chamber, when Helen Rose, rose to speak during the public comment period.

Helen Rose, first faced conflict with the County Chairman who told her she could not speak because it was a public hearing. But Rose wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

"Mr. Chairman I am hear to speak as a citizen," Rose said. "In signing on to be a legislator I did not give up my civil rights as a resident of this community. Don't do this Mr. Chairman allow me to say, what I have to say, please allow me to say what I have to say."

The Chairman then said, "against his better judgment," he would let her take to the podium.

Rose criticized the process of the review of her sexual harassment complaint against fellow legislator Vincent Bono, saying witnesses and participants of the incident sat as members of the jury that decided there was not enough evidence to establish a claim of harassment.

In addition Rose says that she has no desire to spend the counties money to pursue an appeal to overturn the decision they made. But she still wants "justice," in the form of an apology from Legislator Bono.

Legislator Bono did not give an apology following Rose's request.

Nor did he give any kind of statement. Calls to Bono were not returned.

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