Herkimer County Legislators team up for support of charter reform

By WKTV News

Two Herkimer County Legislators have teamed up in support of charter reform in the county.

Legislator Helen Rose, along with John Brezinski are requesting that the Herkimer County Legislative leadership appoint a non-partisan committee to review and recommend redistricting changes and charter reform for Herkimer County.

Brezinski, of District 8 and Rose, of District 2, in a released statement, call on the Republican legislative majority to insure that Herkimer county be poised to initiate what they call long overdue Charter Reform.

"Previous minority calls for Charter Reform were rejected by Chairman, Ray Smith, who indicated that voter consideration of changes in the size of the legislature and other items covered by the county charter needed to be delayed until after the 2010 census," the statement says. "The Democrats support a significant reduction in the size of the legislature and suggest that thought should be given to cutting to at least 11 legislators from the current 17. This will save county taxpayers thousands of dollars.

"The county must now realign districts consistent with census results and the Democrats encourage the Chairman of the Legislature, Mr. Smith to form a non-partisan committee to accomplish the redistricting plan and charter reform," the statement continues. "Brezinski and Rose call for the review and evaluation to include reducing the number of legislators, consider length of terms, term limits and the election of the County Administrator. Tough financial times call for tough decisions. The Democrats point out that the taxpayers deserve the charter review/changes and the opportunity to vote on these changes. Delays will push any vote to November 2012 and beyond. Taxpayers deserve this to be a high priority."

Phone calls to Legislative Chairman Ray Smith were not returned as of this writing in response to whether or not the previously delayed ideas could be re-visited since the 2010 census has come and gone.

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