New Herkimer County Legislature conducts first day of business


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Herkimer County Legislature held its 2012 Organizational Session Tuesday with three new legislators, and a new Chairman.

After taking his oath of office, newly elected Herkimer County Chairman Vincent Bono gave a statement about working together with the new and returning legislators, specifically in trying to move forward in building the new jail.

Bono says the site's been picked for a new jail at the former P and C Plaza on Route 28.

While Bono knows this has been a controversial and complex issue, and is still not a done deal, he's confident ground will be broken on a new facility during his term.

"We're over budget by about $100,000 this year and we need to reign that down a little bit, it's a long time coming and I think it could save the tax payer a lot of money to build our own facility," says Bono.

Bono says in addition to the many obstacles a 30 to 40 million dollar project brings, the new jail has also been stalled because there have been new legislators taking office every two years, and the information has to be rehashed.

He says these 3 new legislators will quickly be brought up to speed, the issue will move forward and the project won't be delayed anymore.

"This is nothing new this has has to be put behind us this cannot continues year after year after year, its very expensive to the tax payers, says Herkimer County Sheriff Christopher Farber. "You know we're going to spend $950,000 a year just boarding out inmates."

While the jail will be a hot topic with the new legislature, the new chairman also says he'll be focusing on state mandate

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