Herkimer County Sheriff's candidates cast their ballots, proud of their campaigns

By WKTV News

HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - As residents hit the polls in Herkimer County Tuesday to vote on a number of different positions, so did the candidates running for Herkimer County Sheriff.

Incumbent Sheriff Christopher Farber is running to keep the position he has held for two terms, casting his ballot at the Little Falls Town Hall Tuesday afternoon. Farber's challenger, Timothy Klock, also went to the polls Tuesday afternoon, casting his vote at the East Herkimer Fire Station.

Both candidates say they are proud of the campaigns they've run.

"When you're campaigning, you're always campaigning as if you're one vote down, you know," Farber said. "I think people want you to work for their vote, so that's what we do. Whether you think you're gonna' win, or you think you're gonna' lose, you go out and work for their vote."

"I made a commitment at the beginning to run a gentleman's race and that's what I did," Klock said. "I continued to do that. I think, on my side, it's been very clean, I've been a gentleman, and very respectable, and I'm very happy with what we've done. Everybody's been great."

Klock is running on the Democratic, Conservative and Working Families line. An investigator with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, he says his 27 years of law enforcement experience make him a worthy candidate for the position of Sheriff. He says that he would like to see a drug task force added to the county, even though he knows it's not economically feasible to bring back road patrols. Klock says he believes that consolidation could be the way to go to implement his plan, part of his campaign of change.

"I think the Sheriff's Office is a very important position," said Klock. "Sheriff is the top law enforcement individual for the county. Having someone in there to bring up morale, to start doing some community service programs, just to do a variety of new ideas, a little bit of new change, I think it's very important to do that."

Farber is running on the Republican and Independence lines and highlighting his accomplishments of the past eight years as sheriff. He says he is most proud of the numerous pieces of up to date equipment he has secured for the department as well as dealing with budgets in the midst of economic constraints.

"I think people appreciate and recognize accomplishments and the right kind of experience," said Farber. "Rhetoric and empty promises are out there all the time, but you can't beat accomplishments and experience."

While one of the most talked about issues of this race is the Herkimer County Jail, the decision whether to build a new jail or not does not actually rest with the sheriff, but rather with the Herkimer County Board of Legislators.

However, whoever wears the badge after this election will be the one maintaining and overseeing the jail, whatever the Board of Legislators' decision is.

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