Herkimer attorney announces run for Herkimer County D.A.

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer attorney Mary Iocovozzi has announced that she is running for Herkimer County District Attorney.

According to the Herkimer County Board of Elections, she is the first and, as of Tuesday, only person to be running for the position.

"No single individual has a greater impact on the criminal justice system than the District Attorney. I will be an aggressive and independent voice for justice."

Iocovozzi, a Frankfort native, has been practicing law for many years. She says that in 2010, she fought an "intense, historic campaign for Family Court Judge" and was the first woman to run for a county-wide judgeship in the history of Herkimer County.

"My campaign for Family Court Judge, two years ago, shook the local political establishment to its foundation," she said, noting that the 2010 race was one, in many years, which was actually contested and was a close race. "Voters look for choices during an election and I have been encouraged by family and friends to run, once again," she said.

"In order to be a credible choice for District Attorney, you must be a proven lawyer and a proven candidate. I meet both of those requirements," Iocovozzi said. "I have run a successful private practice and, during my thirty year career as an attorney, have run the gamut, from prosecuting cases to representing defendants. I have extensive trial experience," she said. Iocovozzi has training in drug court, has worked with probation agencies, police departments, victims of crimes, and has prosecuted juveniles.

"I have the experience, sense of fairness and strength needed to make the District Attorney's office a force for justice and safety for the community," Iocovozzi added.

"People are looking for fairness, confidence and competence in the office of the District Attorney," she said. Iocovozzi promised she would "work for every citizen's vote." "Herkimer County people are great to talk to, making campaigning enjoyable," she added.

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