HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Senator James Seward, who represents the 51st District, is traveling the district to let his constituents know what he'll be working on in the new term. He began his tour of the district in Herkimer on Thursday at the Herkimer County Legislative Chambers. The big priorities were job growth and retention, with a new air of concern about Herkimer County gunmaker Remington Arms. Seward says the 2% property tax cap enacted in 2011 is great, but that there has to be real mandate relief with it for strapped municipalities and counties. That, he says, has been lagging. "When we did the property tax cap, that was promised to local governments and local property taxpayers that we would now move on to mandate relief," Senator Seward said. "Now there has been some, but precious little mandate relief, so we need to go much further." Regarding education, Seward says he'll continue to fight more equitable funding for low-wealth, high-need school districts.