Supreme Court Judge Daley steps down; has sights set on District Attorney seat


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - There are four and a half years left to his term, but one local state supreme court justice says he's done, now.

State Supreme Court Justice Michael Daley, out of Herkimer County, is retired, effective this past weekend.

Daley was a prosecutor for two and a half decades prior to being elected to state supreme court and he says he misses it.

The bench has not been nearly as fulfilling for Daley, who says he preferred being a participant and litigant in the justice system, as opposed to a judge.

He says he plans on doing some legal work and might have the Herkimer County District Attorney's office in his sights. That office will likely become vacant January 1, 2012, because the current D.A., John Crandall, is running unopposed for county court judge.

"It certainly is one of the possibilities, yes," Daley said about the possible route towards District Attorney. "That wouldn't even become open until January. I would presume that there would be an appointment at some point to fill that position and if not, it would be up for election in November. So, there's plenty of time to consider my options."

Once the D.A.s position becomes vacant, the Governor will appoint a new District Attorney until a general election is held.

There are a total of four Supreme Court Judge seats up for grabs in the Fifth Judicial District in this Fall's election, including the one just vacated by Judge Daley.

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