Village of Ilion proposing to override state-mandated 2 percent property tax cap


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Village of Ilion Board is one of the first in the area to propose an override to the state-mandated 2 percent property tax cap.

"The governor didn't take it among himself to alleviate any of the costs off of the local governments," says Mayor John Stephens of the Village of Ilion. "So, as our health care contributions increase, our retirement contributions for our employees increase. We have to increase with that and that would be way more than 2 percent."

With increased costs all across the board, Mayor Stephens says it is questionable whether the village budget can withstand the state-mandated caps.

"If we were to adhere to the 2% property tax cap in the village, we should have to eliminate close to 12 or 15 employees," says Mayor Stephens. "Right now, we are bare bones. We are operating on a bare bone staff and we just can't do it."

According to law, the state mandated 2% property tax cap can be overridden if 60% of the Village board votes yes. Mayor Stephens says he will do everything in his power not to raise the tax beyond 5%.

A public hearing will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Village Hall for citizens to voice their concerns.

The Village Board will then vote on the proposal sometime in the upcoming months.

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