Officials get chance to discuss Oneida County surplus

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - For the sixth year in a row, Oneida County has a surplus, this year's totaling $8 million.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says the money should be used to pay off retirement debt and increase the economic development fund.

Legislative Minority Leader Frank Tallarino doesn't disagree but says he has another suggestion, which is to return to taxpayers $4 million in chargebacks for expenses attributed to Mohawk Valley Community College in the 2012 budget.

A meeting was held Wednesday at the Oneida County Office Building was a chance to speak up.

Over the phone, Tallarino told NEWSChannel 2 that he made his position clear and didn't feel the need to talk at Wednesday's meeting.

"I felt I needed to run through and answer, specifically, each and every question that he put forth in terms of trying to deal with a very difficult situation," Picente said. "There are communities all around us and counties and towns that are in the red. We have managed very well for the last several years."

The surplus is the result of every county department ending the fiscal year under budget.

Oneida County also took in around $92 million in sales tax, which is $2 million more than expected.

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