Oneida County Executive Candidate: stop funding of MV Edge, use money elsewhere


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Conservative Rodger Potocki held a press conference Monday to announce his plan to stimulate the economy and create jobs if elected to the Oneida County Executive Seat in November.

He chose the former Broad Street Warehouse location to hold the event to further emphasize what he said was "the problem of dying industry in the area."

Potocki outlined his Prosperity Program Monday morning, which includes a community investment fund to help start-up businesses, an internship program to help unemployed inner-city residents, and lowering property and sales taxes.

"I think our county has already proven with high taxes where have we gone," says Potocki. "Let's at least try the avenue of lower taxes and see what that generates."

Potocki also talked about what he says is possibly the most controversial part of his plan - the complete withdrawal of all funds from Mohawk Valley EDGE.

"I would suggest to the legislature to work with them and take all of that money and use all that money for the other things I envision, simply because Edge has not performed adequately and has not been really accountable to anybody," Potocki said.

Also during the press conference, Potocki called out current Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente for failing to create any type of job growth in the area.

Picente fired back, saying "I have a record of cutting spending and reducing the size of county government, as well as enhancing the quality of life and economic development of our region. I will continue to work hard on these and other issues now and in my second term."

Potocki and Picente will face-off against each other on election day in November. Picente's budget will be unveiled on Wednesday.

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