Oneida County Legislators approve plans for Sewer District improvements


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida County Legislature approved moving forward on two plans to improve the county sewer district Wednesday. The project is estimated to cost the county over 40 million dollars. Those in favor say the county has to make the investment to recognize the sewer district's current problems and also plan for any potential development.

All but two legislators, Harmony Speciale and Dave Gordon approved the two pieces of legislation. They are to comply with the state DEC's order to improve the Sauquoit Creek Basin Pump Station, what will cost an estimated $35 million and then to also make an additional $6 million in improvements to the North Utica Interceptor Line.

A majority of legislators felt the additional improvements are worth it to allow for any future development in Marcy such as a possible chip-fab plant, however, Legislator Speciale of the 22nd District voted no to building on just hope.

"We don't even know if we're going to have a nanocenter site," said Legislator Speciale. "We just took a poll with the Democratic Caucus to say who thinks we're going to develop a nanocenter and most people said no they they don't think the development is going to happen so what are we doing?"

Legislator David Wood of the 28th District however says the North Utica Interceptor Project isn't just based on hope.

"It's based on the fact that parts of that line are 50 years old and older and that they're of differing sizes a 20 inch main goes into a 40 inch main and goes into a 30 inch main so it's really a project and it's almost at capacity," said Legislator Wood.

Wood says not just technology development but any future housing or additions to the SUNY campus in Marcy could put the line over capacity, bringing additional problems.

The Legislature will be holding a public hearing on the Sewer District Improvement Project on Wednesday, February 13th.

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