Potocki calls Oneida County budget "an election year budget"

By WKTV News

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The man challenging the incumbent in the Oneida County Executive's race is pulling out all the stops with a week and a half to go before election day.

Conservative Candidate Rodger Potocki held a news conference on Thursday, calling out opponent and current Republican County Executive Anthony Picente.

Potocki claims Picente created what he calls "an election year" budget, saying it is filled with gimmicks in an attempt to beat the state property tax cap, but that those gimmicks, according to Potocki, aren't going to work.

"First, Mr. Picente has carried out such a game of "Now I cut, Now I don't" that no one seems to know what is coming or going. He may even be confused. He also created a new MVCC tax which has not been adequately explained to we who pay the bills, the taxpayers. It is nearly November with Election Day and the budget soon upon us and we still do not know who will pay what for MVCC," Potocki stated. "Bordering on the absurd, Mr. Picente has even threatened to cut our own library funding if the State of New York does not reform mandates. I can picture Speaker Silver shaking in his boots when a county executive threatens to cut off his own nose to spite his face. We must be a standing joke in Albany. Couldn't have Picente at least threatened to cut off the water to the state office building?"

Oneida County Executive Picente responded with the following statement:

"I proposed a budget that addresses the 2% cap and does so within the requirements of the law," Picente said. "It is a budget that reduces spending and protects the taxpayers of Oneida County in difficult economic times and without the true relief that is desperately needed from State mandates."

Links to the full Oneida County Budget can be found in the Related Content Section of this story.

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