Republican Election Commissioner: I'm being ousted


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - There is dissension, distrust and lack of faith among some high-level Oneida County Republicans.

Republican County Executive Anthony Picente wants the county Republican election commissioner out, and Picente will be supporting someone else at tonight's Oneida County Republican Committee meeting.

"It's about understanding and how to manage an office and manage a process," says Picente, who has expressed dissatisfaction with the way recent elections have been run and overseen.

Current Oneida County Republican Election Commissioner Pamela Mandryck says she is capable of managing the process.

"We have never ever been in a situation other counties have been in where the governor has said you need to recount every single ballot. We have never ever found machines with ballots in them weeks later. We have never ever given the race to the wrong person. Our elections have been perfectly fine," says Mandryck.

Mandryck says a top-level power play is underway to oust her, and that if people look at how the Republican committee members vote at their meeting tonight, that will become clear.

"You have a number of people who work for Oneida County and they could very easily be out of a job and this is not the economy to be out of a job so they are going to vote the way they've been told to vote," says Mandryck.

Mandryck says that tonight's vote on her job is highly unusual and that she cannot recall a county election commissioner ever being appointed prior to primary elections. Picente says nothing prohibits Wednesday's vote.

"In past years the commissioner's post has taken place at that time but it's not recommended or required," says Picente.

The Oneida County Republican Committee votes tonight between Mandryck and Grimaldi. The name of the person they chose will then go to the full Republican caucus of the county legislature for a vote. Mandryck's term is up at the end of the year.

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