Request to postpone vote on Oneida agreement denied

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

A request from the Oneida County Minority Leader to postpone the County Legislature meeting where officials would vote on the proposed agreement with the Oneida Indian Nation has been denied.

Oneida County Legislative Minority Leader Frank Tallarino sent a letter to Chairman of the board Gerald Fiorini Thursday asking that the May 28 meeting be postponed.

"This correspondence is presented at the request of the Oneida County citizens attending last night's public meeting in the City of Sherrill," Tallarino stated in the written request.

Tallarino went on to state that those in attendance at the meeting were adamant in their concerns regarding the proposal and "expressed their desire and demand to be able to research and obtain answers from politicians and legal representatives pertaining to specific issues and implications surrounding the proposal."

The reason for the requested postponement, Tallarino stated was for "a reasonable time frame to allow the citizens to be heard and their questions answered and concerns addressed."

However, Fiorini responded to Tallarino saying that a postponement was not an option.

"The Governor's Office has set the time frame and informed us that both Madison and Oneida County must vote on this prior to the State voting on this agreement," Fiorini stated. "the state's legislation will need to reflect whether or not provisions regarding Madison and/or Oneida County will be included. If either of the counties votes against this, the final version will need to be amended to reflect such a decision."

Due to the decision that is needed by the State, Fiorini said, the May 28 meeting would not be postponed.

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