State Report: 44 of 62 counties experienced voting problems on Primary Day


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A report released Thursday by the State Comptroller's Office reveals that 44 of New York's 62 counties reporting voting problems on primary day.

Among them, Oneida County, which reported a total of eight problems; four relating to privacy and two each ballots and training. The county reported no problems, however, with the new style of voting machines themselves.

"The one thing that went well were the machines; our machines, we had no machine problems," said Democratic County Election Commissioner Kathleen Perez. "I did look at that report. We had no machine problems, no malfunctions. We're very happy with the machines the way they worked out."

Perez also points out that the true test will be next month's general election, which will bring even greater numbers of voters who've never used the new machines.

"It's going to be the first time around for a lot of voters, because there wasn't a big turnout in the primary and we only had Democrats, Conservatives and Republicans that came out, so you've got a couple other parties, you've got blank voters. There are going to be more voters out and they haven't used the system."  

Herkimer County reported only two problems; one each relating to privacy and machines.  Otsego County reported one problem each regarding ballots, machines and training.


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