Maciol transition team to be announced soon


(WKTV) - Oneida County Sheriff-elect Robert Maciol could announce the names of his three-member transition team Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday. Maciol says all three are or were in law enforcement.

Maciol says a priority for him as sheriff will be fostering productive, two-way relationships with other law enforcement agencies in the county. He says the number one priority walking in the door: once again assigning members of the department to the Oneida County Drug Task Force.

"Most everything that the police deal with and victims of crime deal with revolves around drugs in a lot of cases so by having one of the largest law enforcement agencies not a part of the drug task force, that's not acceptable; we've said that from the very beginning of our campaign and that's change number one walking through the door in January," says Maciol.

Maciol will also have to appoint an undersheriff. He isn't yet naming the five interested candidates, but says four have worked for the Oneida County Sheriff's Department. In addition, the new sheriff will have a lot of top-level restructuring to do. He'll have to appoint a chief of corrections, budget director and confidential secretary-all of whom are retiring. He may have to appoint a chief of patrol, as well, depending on whether or not that individual stays in the position.

Maciol will officially resign both his position as a Whitesboro Police Officer and Mayor of N.Y. Mills at the end of the year in preparation for taking over the sheriff's office.

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