Decision 2011 Major Candidate List

(WKTV) - The following is a list of candidates running only in major opposed races in our region, provided by the Boards of Elections in the respective counties.

Coming on Tuesday, we will have complete results on after the polls close for nearly 150 contested races in Central New York.

State Supreme Court Justice - 5th Judicial District (Vote for Four)
Charles Merrell (D, C)
Patrick MacRae (D, C)
David Magnarelli (D, WF)
Thomas Buckel (D, WF)
Erin Gall (R)
Prescott K. Klosner (R)
James P. McClusky (R, C)
Michael Young (R)
John Stone (C)


Anthony J. Picente Jr. (R)
Rodger Potocki (C)

Coroner (Vote for Two)
Kevin T. Barry (R)
David P. Julian (R, C)
Greg T. Mills (C)

County Legislator - 1st District
Sharon Rappa Puma (D, I)
Ronald D. Townsend (R)

County Legislator - 2nd District
Kenneth Fort (D, I, Fix Oneida County)
Howard J. Regner (R)
Peter A. Pascucci (Working Together)

County Legislator - 4th District
Jason H. Spellicy (D, WF, I)
Norman E. Leach (R, Rural Citizen)

County Legislator - 9th District
Philip M. Sacco (D, C, I)
Richard D. Allen (R)

County Legislator - 11th District
Kevin M. Nugent (D)
Robert A. Koenig (R)

County Legislator - 12th District
Michael J. Clancy (D, WF, I)
Gerald Zimmerman (R, C)

County Legislator - 14th District
David J. Gordon (D, WF, I, Fix Oneida County)
Frederick V. Sadallah Jr. (R, C)

County Legislator - 19th District
Daniel J. Trevisani (D, WF)
Stephen A. Roefaro (R, I)

County Legislator - 21st District
Geniene Harvey (D, WF, I)
Edward P. Welsh (R, C)

County Legislator - 22nd District
Harmony L. Speciale
Howard C. Welch

County Legislator - 25th District
Franklin D. Davis (D, WF, I)
William Hendricks (R, Unity)

County Legislator - 26th District
Peter A. Caruso (D, WF, I)
Maria Giglio (R)

Robert M. Palmieri (D, WF)
Michael T. Cerminaro (R)
Robert C. Cardillo (C, I)
Ernest T. Sanita (Rainbow)
Robert Clemente (Green)

Common Council President
Timothy J. Julian (R, C, I)
William C. Morehouse (D, WF)

Councilor-At-Large (Vote for Three)
Edward T. Bucciero (D, WF)
Frank A. Meola (D, WF, I)
James A. Zecca (D, C, I)
David H. Caruso (R)
Timothy P. Doyle II (R, C, I)
Gerald J. Kraus (WF)

Councilor - 1st Ward
Frank X. Vescera (D, C, WF, I)
John T. Adams (R)

Councilor - 2nd Ward
David L. Testa (D, West Utica First)
Rebecca L. King (R)
Larry Tanoury Jr. (WF, I)

Councilor - 3rd Ward
Matthew P. Cavaretta (D, WF, I)
Rocco R. Giruzzi (R)

Councilor - 4th Ward
Joseph A. Marino (D, I)
Mark R. Williamson (R, C)

Councilor - 5th Ward
Jerome P. McKinsey Sr (D, WF, I)
Kevin J. Shanley (R, C)
Mark W. Mazzo (Common Sense)
Jerrrey W. Boykin (Unity Party)

Councilor - 6th Ward
Lorraine E. Arcuri (D, WF)
Samantha L. Colosimo (R, I)
Philip J. Bruno Jr (C)

James F. Brown (R, I)
Joseph R. Fusco Jr. (C, Rome is Home)

Common Council - 5th Ward
Barbara Calandra (D)
Frank R. Anderson (R, C)

Timothy J. Klock (D, C, WF)
Christopher P. Farber (R, I)

County Legislator - 1st District
Gary M. Hartman (D, WF)
John J. Piseck (R, C, I)
D.J. Paul (Try Me #298)

County Legislator - 2nd District
Helen T. Rose (D, WF)
Michael A. Stalteri (R, C, I)

County Legislator - 3rd District
Robert J. Schrader (R, C, WF)
Stephen N. Keblish Jr. (I)

County Legislator - 4th District
Robert A. Drumm (D, Concerned Citizens #492)
Jean E. Maneen (R, C)

County Legislator - 5th District
Frank Torres (D)
Raymond S. Johnson (R)
Gary G. Jackson (C)

County Legislator - 6th District
David W. Murray (D)
Leonard R. Hendrix (R)

County Legislator - 8th District
John L. Brezinksi (D, WF)
Robert N. Drummond (R, C, I)
John W. Doolen Jr. (Progress #80)

County Legislator - 9th District
James H. LiBritz (D, WF)
Peter F. Manno (R, C)

County Legislator - 10th District
Barbara J. Cucolo (D, Concernced Citizens #492)
Raymond D. Smith (R, C)

County Legislator - 11th District
Vincent J. Bono (R, C, I)
John J. Werczynski (WF, Have a voice #492)

County Legislator - 13th District
Bernard Peplinski Sr. (R, C)
Kevin D. Craska (Concernced Citizen #492)

County Legislator - 15th District
Patrick E. Russell (R, C, I)
Jon R.  Hansen (Concerned Citizen #492)

County Legislator - 16th District
Frederick J. Shaw Jr. (R)
Grace L. Klutschkowski (Concerned Citizen #492)

Robert J. Peters Sr. (R)
Roger Stock (R, C)
Teresa L. Lee (Shamrock #125)
Michael F. Lonis (Dark Horse #267)

County Coroner (Vote for Two)
James C. Magee (D)
James L. Hurley (R, C, I)
Michael W. Fox Jr. (R)

County Representative - 2nd District
Teresa Winchester (D, Future for Otsego)
James P. Powers (R, C, I)

County Representative - 4th District
Richard Murphy (D, Sustainable Otsego)
Scott Gravelin (R, C, I)

County Representative - 5th District
Barbara Monroe (D, Sustainable Otsego)
Pauline Koren (R, C, I)

County Representative - 7th District
Beth S. Rosenthal (D, Sustainable Otsego)
Raymond E. Holohan (R,C, I)

County Representative - 8th District
John Kosmer (D, Sustainable Otsego)
James V. Johnson (R, C, I)

County Represenative - 11th District
Gary R. Koutnik (D, Accountability Party)
Barbara Jass (R, C, I)

County Representative - 12th District
Catherine M. Rothenberger (D)
Craig Gelbsman (A New Beginning)

Alderman - Ward 2
Larry Malone (D, Civility)
Barbara Ann Heegan (R, Growing Families Party)

Alderman - Ward 5
Madolyn O. Palmer (R)
Daniel Rorick (The People's Party)

Alderman - Ward 6
Russell A. Southard Jr. (R, Citizen Action)
Michael Frank Naples (I, Citizens of the Sixth Ward)

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