Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri and Rome Mayor Joseph Fusco are two of more than 600 mayors across the country recognizing volunteerism. At an event Tuesday morning at the Parkway Senior Center in Utica, Mayor Palmieri was joined by many of the city's volunteers as he proclaimed that the city is taking part in their national recognition. From AmeriCorps and SeniorCorps to the Mohawk Valley Regional Volunteer Center, Palimeri said that the many volunteers in Utica have become a cost-saving necessity on city challenges. "They're involved in cleaning up, planning transportation for our veterans," Palmieri said as just a few examples. "It'd be difficult to put a price tag on it, but I think if you looked at it, it'd be over $1 million, that's how much that the volunteerism represents in the City of Utica and they consistently keep on giving." Palmieri says that without volunteers, the city would be unable to progress and encourages more people to get involved. Tuesday afternoon, Rome Mayor Fusco honored participants with a proclamation read at Rome City Hall. Volunteers in the city range from assisting veterans, to helping youth and seniors with education, transportation, job placement and more.