Rome councilors unanimously reject proposed tax hike

By WKTV News

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Rome common councilors unanimously voted down a proposed tax increase Wednesday night. Mayor Joseph Fusco proposed a 5 % property tax increase for next year's budget. The council needed to over-ride the state's 2 % tax cap in order for this to happen.

After hearing from many of their constituents against the porposal through emails, phone calls and neighborhood meetings councilors decided the Mayor instead needs to look at areas to cut rather than raise taxes.

"He's going to have to sharpen the pencils and basically say how can I keep the service and also reduce expenses?" said 5th Ward Councilor, Frank Anderson.

The council estimates there needs to be roughly $700,000 worth of cuts in the city for it to get down to the 2 % level.

Mayor Fusco will now put together a revised budget.

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