Mt. Markham School District to lay off 27 as result of state aid loss


WEST WINFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Mount Markham school officials say that a lack of state aid funding and no tax base is causing 27 employees to be laid off in the next school year.

The district is the latest forced to make tough decisions after aid was cut state-wide by about $1.3 billion.

Initially, the state aid cut $1.5 billion. However, the state legislature restored $272 million to the program when they agreed upon a budget last week.

School officials across the state, however, say the restoration is "too little too late," and that many districts are in trouble for the 2011-2012 school year.

Mt. Markham District Superintendent Casey Barduhn says that the district has already notified the 27 employees that they will not be returning for next year.

According to Barduhn, the district is scheduled to lose $1.2 million in state aid funding. The lack of funding and a weak tax base are to blame for the layoffs, Barduhn said.

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