Revised budget passed in Herkimer, may save some jobs

By WKTV News

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Herkimer School Board has passed a revised budget in an effort to save some jobs.

Last week, the board passed a budget that slashed 13 jobs and some programs. The new budget increases the tax rate by 6%, higher than the previous 4.5% proposed hike. School Board President John Cipriano says for every percent that the tax rate goes up, it adds about $66,000 to the budget. Cipriano says the board came up with the revised budget after talking with community members, polling how much people would be willing to pay to help the school.

After hearing of the job cuts and program losses last week, a group of middle and high school students staged a peaceful protest in the parking lot of the school. Those students were upset over the cuts. This revised budget should bring some of those programs and jobs back.

The decision of what programs and jobs to save won't be made unless the public passes the budget. "Everyone in the room tonight had their priority list...and every list is will fall upon our administrators to come to us with their recommendations of what we buy back with that additional money that we just put back into the budget," said Cipriano. The public will vote on the budget proposal on May 17th.

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