Town of Webb School District finds itself without a budget gap


OLD FORGE, N.Y. (WKTV) - We often hear about school budget deficits, but one area district is managing to keep costs low by utilizing what they have.

"We're reliant more on tax base than on state aid," said Town of Webb School District superintendent Rex Germer said.

However, it's not the only reason that the school district finds itself free of a budget gap. Germer explained the school board's thought process of the school budget by saying, "really trying to be proactively planning to make sure that we can transition year to year and hopefully survive some of the cuts that other places are seeing."

The district operates on an approximated seven and a half million dollar a year budget, which is comparatively small.

Superintendent Germer says that even though they're not in the black, they know they need to continue to look ahead.

"Really it's just about right now, for us at the board level, looking at fund balances, what we've got in reserves," Germer said. "How can we appropriately handle things to, again, be fair to the tax payers, but make sure we're not having to go to the taxpayers in the future with some increase that we want to avoid, because we didn't make the right decisions."

At this point, Germer says, they as a district don't have any major concerns other than making sure they provide the best possible education for their students.

"We do produce great students," Germer said. "They come in, for the most part, wanting to learn and we're doing everything we can to give them a quality education."

You can find more on the Town of Webb School District's budget by clicking the following link.

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