Whitesboro Superintendent: "We've been challenged to tighten our belts"

By WKTV News

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Whitesboro School District is proposing a budget that carries with it a 5.5 percent tax rate increase.

However, a lot of that, according to Superintendent Dave Langone, comes from a current building project.

In addition to the tax hike, 26 employees will be laid off under the proposed plan, class sizes will be larger, and a seventh grade foreign language will be cut.

"We've been challenged by state officials to tighten our belts and that certainly has happened," Langone said. "All school districts, at least in upstate New York, have really controlled spending within the best of their abilities. There's a lot of laws and regulations that we do not control, but have to comply with, and in order to do that, it takes resources and resources come from money."

Langone went on to say that because spending was decreased a year ago, this year's operating expense only went up one percent, if that.

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